: genealogy of Czech immigrants, most in the Hillsboro-Yuba, Wisconsin, area (born 1915 or earlier)

Web: Wisconsin, Find A Grave Index, 1836-2011

Web: Wisconsin, Find A Grave Index, 1836-2011


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Brigetta wife of Vincent Starch
Brigetta wife of Vincent Starch
about 1813205Czech Republic4March 14, 188313570Wisconsin, USA
Emily md name Barath
Emily md name Barath
June 17, 1906111Czech Republic0February 26, 19793972La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Gertrude P (married name Wondrowitz)
Gertrude P (married name Wondrowitz)
1883135Wisconsin, USA0March 18, 198632103St Croix, Wisconsin, USA
Katharina wife of Philip Dingeldien
Katharina wife of Philip Dingeldien
November 9, 1815202Bayern, Germany1December 14, 188513270Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Lucille wife of Albert Novachek
Lucille wife of Albert Novachek
1911107Wisconsin, USA019714760Wisconsin, USA
Majdalena Elizabeth married name Houda or Houdova
Majdalena Elizabeth married name Houda or Houdova
about 1807211Czech Republic1January 19, 190011893Wisconsin, USA
Maria Mary wife of Martin Hanzlik
Maria Mary wife of Martin Hanzlik
about 1807211Czech Republic3October 22, 188713080Wisconsin, USA
Marie M. married name Stastny
Marie M. married name Stastny
October 26, 1897120Illinois, USA0August 24, 19783980Park Falls, Price, Wisconsin, USA
John Henry Ahrens
March 24, 1876142Germany0May 2, 190411428Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Wenzel Andres ( Andreas : Andrew )
1833185Dolni Libchavy, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic7190011867Wisconsin, USA
Franz ( Frank ) Arzt
1829189Usti nad Orlici district, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic8191810089Wisconsin, USA
Harold G. Atkinson
September 16, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0December 4, 19744365Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Anna ( Annie ) Babor
July 24, 1841176Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5March 11, 191110769Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora Babor
October 18, 1806211Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1January 3, 189412487Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Babor ( Barbor )
June 24, 1823194Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6November 19, 190211579Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Babor ( Barbour )
August 16, 1852165Oploty, Louny, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic5November 28, 19249372Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
James Bernard Banker
September 25, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0July 17, 19387937Wisconsin, USA
Ruby Malinda Barath
November 22, 1914103Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA0June 11, 20061191La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Barbour
April 17, 1887131Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 27, 19714684Wisconsin, USA
Christian Bauer
August 30, 1810207Baden-Württemberg, Germany1188413473Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Gertrude Bauer
July 16, 1840177Germany3August 9, 191010770Cazenovia, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Alesa Gretchen Becker
July 23, 1905112Wisconsin, USA0September 13, 19972092Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Andrew Becwar
November 29, 1826191Chelcice, Strakonice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic6September 23, 187114644Crawford County, Wisconsin, USA
Antonia Bednar
September 15, 1831186Cernovice, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic9July 10, 190111669Sun Prairie, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Clyde Raymond Bell
February 26, 1897121Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0February 28, 19576160Kendall, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Gustav Bendel
1873145Wisconsin, USA019229649Shelby, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Jacob Bendel II
November 6, 1843174Huntirov, Decin, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic3March 11, 19348490Wisconsin, USA
George E. Bender
November 6, 1885132Whitestown, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1October 27, 19813695Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Mildred Bender
May 22, 1913104Wisconsin, USA0August 15, 20031490Ontario, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Beneda
February 25, 1835183Velka Turna, Strakonice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic4December 19, 190011765Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary A ) Benes ( Benish )
April 6, 1879139Bacovice, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic5May 14, 19754396Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Vincenz ( Vinzens : Vincent ) Benesch
February 2, 1849169Cernovir, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic6May 11, 19239574Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Tressa Elizabeth Benesh
October 20, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0March 27, 20099100Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Frances ( Fannie ) Benish
March 9, 1893125Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2July 20, 19457252Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Charles William Beran
July 4, 1887130Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0November 8, 19645377Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frank C Beran
December 1849168Czech Republic3December 11, 190611157Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph F Beran
December 1872145Wisconsin, USA0January 3, 19615788Wisconsin, USA
Mary Emma Beran
January 16, 1883135Wisconsin, USA7November 3, 19486965Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna A. Beranek
August 11, 1877140Bergen, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 14, 19576179La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Beranek
December 14, 1869148Wisconsin, USA1February 1, 191810048Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Elsie L. Beranek
September 1, 1895122Wisconsin, USA0October 17, 19259230Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Beranek (unmarried)
June 19, 1879138Wisconsin, USA0March 30, 19605880Los Angeles, California, USA
Emma Julia Beranek
February 16, 1891127Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0September 6, 19694878Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Raymond Beranek
October 30, 1901116Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0June 23, 19892887Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Beranek
March 17, 1854164Zichlice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic11September 17, 19417687Wisconsin, USA
Josephine H. Beranek
December 21, 1903114Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0December 12, 19932489Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Lena M. Beranek
January 25, 1887
January 25, 1887
131Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
1January 15, 19744486Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Beranek
June 17, 1861156Zichlice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5March 27, 19279165Wisconsin, USA
Velma Ann Beranek
January 4, 1906112Wisconsin, USA0April 7, 19892983Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Wencil ( James ) Beranek
June 6, 1873144Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA5October 24, 19605787Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Bertek
August 5, 1873144Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA4July 31, 19675093Wonewoc, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Bezucha
October 6, 1874143Racine, Wisconsin, USA0March 14, 19358360Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Bird (step: Pesik)
June 25, 1901116Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0February 28, 19912789Big Sandy, Benton, Tennessee, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Blaha ( Fronk ) (stepdau. of Josef Fronk)
February 1, 1858160Stichovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7January 3, 190910950Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Blaschke
November 27, 1862155Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA2October 9, 189612133Hustler, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Johanna ( Hannah ) Blaskey or Blazek
June 15, 1853164Vaclavov, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic819318777Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Wenzel John Blaskey
November 26, 1867150Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA6July 18, 19427574Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Lela Boldon
August 13, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0May 17, 19823670Wisconsin, USA
Sylvia Eldora Boldon
August 18, 1889128Wisconsin, USA1September 26, 19813692Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Barbara Bolint
February 17, 1894124Wisconsin, USA0December 19, 19902796Grant County, Wisconsin, USA
John Vencle Bolint
January 14, 1888130Iowa, Wisconsin, USA0August 14, 19764188Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Bolint
June 19, 1897120Wisconsin, USA0April 29, 19744476Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
William G Bolint
October 19, 1893124Wisconsin, USA0December 3, 19783985Shorewood Hills, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Jerome Peter Booher
December 11, 1912105Wisconsin, USA0November 24, 19952282Wisconsin, USA
Anna Bouda
October 17, 1854163Hodyne, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0January 26, 191810063Wisconsin, USA
Wencil Francis Bouda (unmarried)
September 12, 1900117Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 10, 19526552La Farge, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Brecka
January 20, 1876142Chotys, Kolin, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic8December 8, 19447368Cazenovia, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Vlasta ( Florence ) Brecka
1907111Wisconsin, USA0November 15, 19675060Baraboo, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Brichca ( Brisky ) Jr.
April 20, 1849169Bacovice, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic9January 17, 190811058Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Carl B Brickner
August 20, 1888129La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA0November 5, 19684980King, Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes B. Briskey
August 27, 1895122Wisconsin, USA0February 27, 19883092Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora ( Barbara ) Bruha
Barbara wife of Frantisek Bruha
Barbara wife of Frantisek Bruha
about 1875143Wisconsin, USA0May 17, 189012815Wisconsin, USA
Clara Bruha
November 14, 1892125Wisconsin, USA0December 31, 19328540Wisconsin, USA
Frank R. Bruha
January 11, 1891127Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0March 17, 19744483Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Bruha
October 30, 1856161Drevec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0April 16, 187514318Wisconsin, USA
Jakub ( Jacob ) Bruha
about 1820198Czech Republic5February 8, 189812078Wisconsin, USA
James Bruha
August 8, 1897120Wisconsin, USA0February 8, 19863288Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph 'Joe' Bruha
March 1872146Wisconsin, USA419407867Wisconsin, USA
Joseph ( Joe ) Bruha
November 8, 1895122Wisconsin, USA0May 5, 19724676Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Bruha
May 5, 1893125Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA3March 25, 19397945La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Lula G Bruha (unmarried)
February 12, 1907111Wisconsin, USA0August 17, 19991892Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Marie Bruha
May 16, 1902116Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0March 28, 19912788Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Emma Bruha
May 15, 1886132Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA4May 17, 19566270Stanley, Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wencil : James ) Bruha
September 8, 1869148Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA8July 5, 191710047Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
William Bernard Bruha
August 11, 1893124Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 17, 19744381Oakfield, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
Anezka ( Agnes ) Brunclik ( Brunslick )
September 25, 1867150Remesin, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6November 23, 19477080Stanley, Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Brunclik
June 22, 1844173Hadacka, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic8April 14, 19308885Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Alfred Felix Bulin
May 21, 1877141Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA5December 22, 19635486Wisconsin, USA
Alfred M. Bulin (unmarried)
March 1, 1908110Wisconsin, USA0July 16, 19793871Sauk County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward M. Bulin
1905113Wisconsin, USA0October 1, 19684963Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Elsie Bulin
April 14, 1896122Wisconsin, USA0October 12, 19813685Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Hilda Bulin
April 1, 1910108Wisconsin, USA0January 26, 20144103Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Bulin
November 1, 1903
about 1904
114Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0June 2, 19694865Wisconsin, USA
Lester William Bulin
July 27, 1898119Wisconsin, USA0July 25, 19863187Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Bulin
December 23, 1826191Bilov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic4February 21, 190511378Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Christena Bulin
April 7, 1892126Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1December 11, 19615669Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wencle Bulin
November 15, 1901116Wisconsin, USA0July 17, 19882986Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Charles Caleson
April 25, 1873145Wisconsin, USA0March 26, 19635589Wisconsin, USA
Martha Carpenter
Martha Carpenter
February 17, 1830
February 1831
188New York, USA
New York, USA
2December 9, 191310483Wisconsin, USA
Harriet ( Hattie ) Carter
1846172New York, USA419427696Wisconsin, USA
Anton Cejka ( Shaker )
July 6, 1862155Chotina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10March 24, 19259362Wisconsin, USA
Donald Frank Cepek
March 15, 1914
March 15, 1914
104Wisconsin, USA
Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
0March 25, 2004
March 25, 2004
1490Aurora, Hamilton, Nebraska, USA
Anna ( Annie ) Cerny
October 6, 1887130Libkov, Domazlice, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic319685080New Berlin, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Cervenka
January 18, 1820198Zebnice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0August 29, 190511285Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Cervenka
February 6, 1817201Zebnice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2188813070Wisconsin, USA
Eva Champlin
September 25, 1859158Wisconsin, USA5June 19, 191310453Wisconsin, USA
Erma Chatten
November 9, 1898119Wisconsin, USA0March 19853386Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Chlup
September 12, 1864153Kocin, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7February 19, 19358370Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Churda (unmarried)
January 29, 1872146Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic019546481Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Churda
January 10, 1874144Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic219536578Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mildred A. Cisar
April 15, 1914104Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA0October 13, 20021588Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora ( Barbara ) Cize
July 13, 1849168Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3August 12, 19298880Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
William John Cockroft
November 19, 1877140Richland County, Wisconsin, USA7April 16, 19675189Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Keith Eugene Cook
March 23, 1901117Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0November 5, 19556254Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
James Corrigan
April 1843175Burrishoole, Mayo, Ireland0April 5, 190111758Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Reuben James Corrigan
November 9, 1915102Wisconsin, USA0July 2, 19942378Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) David
March 22, 1871147Luznice, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic4November 19, 19526581Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Allie J Dedrick
September 8, 1880137Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA3October 18, 19694889Park Ridge, Cook, Illinois, USA
Emily ( Emma ) Dedrick
January 9, 1910108Wisconsin, USA0June 4, 19922582Park Ridge, Cook, Illinois, USA
Lucille ( Lucy ) Dedrick (unmarried)
November 6, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0April 8, 20031596Hoffman Estates, Cook, Illinois, USA
Matilda Frances ( Tilda : Tillie ) Dedrick
September 16, 1904113Wisconsin, USA0December 28, 19882984Cook, Illinois, USA
Philip Dingeldien or Dingledien
about 1806212Germany1September 29, 186715061Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Dojeva
February 17, 1888130Chocenice, Kolin, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic0February 18, 19853397Ashland, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Ferdinand Drudik
March 19, 1876142Novakovice, Klatovy, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3April 15, 19269250La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Edward Drunasky
August 7, 1896121Wisconsin, USA0March 14, 19873190Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek Duchek (died young)
February 20, 18811370August 18, 18831342Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Duchek (died young)
October 16, 1875142Wisconsin, USA0May 7, 18811375Wisconsin, USA
Martin Duchek
November 10, 1836181Trojany, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6191110774Wisconsin, USA
Mary Duchek
February 8, 1871147Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA9November 9, 19506779Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora Dvorak
March 4, 1832186Zbecno, Rakovnik, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic5about 186715134Wisconsin, USA
Tilda ( Tillie Elsie ) Dvorak
February 1, 1911107Wisconsin, USA0May 17, 20021691Wisconsin, USA
William Dvorak
July 11, 1895122Sauk, Wisconsin, USA0October 2, 19843389Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Dworschak
Mary A Schuessler
September 1840
10October 17, 19328573Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Walter Michael Dzikowich
November 15, 1896121Poland0July 31, 19615664Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Alma M Eirschele
March 12, 1898120Wisconsin, USA0October 1, 19744376Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Edwin Louis Eirschele
July 27, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0March 4, 19645457Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Ferdinand Eirschele
1865153Wisconsin, USA4191110746Wisconsin, USA
Hallie Edward Eirschele
May 18, 1900118Clifton, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA0November 8, 19873087Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Eirschele ( Jirschele )
November 12, 1861156Wisconsin, USA9November 12, 19467185Wisconsin, USA
Otto Victor Eirschele
December 12, 1899118Wisconsin, USA0March 24, 19823682Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Raymond Joseph Eirschele (died young)
January 4, 1902116Adrian, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA0February 12, 19021160Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Ada Emmons ( Emons )
May 23, 1869148Wisconsin, USA0November 16, 190511236Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Adolph Fanta
July 16, 1910107Wisconsin, USA0December 30, 19972087Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Adolph Fanta (unmarried)
July 22, 1907110Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0September 14, 19714664Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Fanta
1874144Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA6August 10, 19526578La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Fanta (died young)
1904114Wisconsin, USA019229618Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Clara Fanta
March 2, 1903115Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0July 29, 19873084Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward J. Fanta
December 14, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0June 20, 19991889Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Fanta
June 2, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0May 22, 19952286Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia Fanta
March 10, 1913105Wisconsin, USA0November 18, 19328519Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
John William 'Jack' Fanta (pioneer La Crosse aviator)
November 1, 1901116Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 1, 19744373La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Fanta
April 29, 1874144Atlantic Ocean319457370Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Emily Fanta
July 13, 1913104Wisconsin, USA0April 27, 20061292Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Fanta
December 30, 1907110Wisconsin, USA0May 3, 19784070Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Robert Frank Fanta
August 24, 1902115Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 2, 19962194Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Cora Faulkner
February 22, 1884134Wisconsin, USA3October 14, 19724588Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Elmer Joseph Fiebiger
August 20, 1889128Wisconsin, USA0August 15, 19704780Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Elsie Iva Field
July 5, 1894123Wisconsin, USA0June 20, 19803785Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Winifred Finucan
1877141Wisconsin, USA619556378Wisconsin, USA
Lorraine Flyte
August 2, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0February 14, 19972188La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Elizabeth Fronk
July 19, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0November 2, 19833472Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Joseph Fronk
October 1, 1888129Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0September 7, 19635474Wisconsin, USA
James Joseph Fronk
June 13, 1914103Wisconsin, USA0April 19685053Wisconsin, USA
Jaroslav ( Jerry Edward ) Fronk (unmarried)
October 16, 1896121Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0March 15, 19665269Wisconsin, USA
Wencil H. Fronk
September 6, 1893124Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0May 18, 19506856Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
William Fronk
September 19, 1891126Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0August 27, 19526560Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Rose Gardner ( born Zahradnik )
Rose Garder?
August 1887
130Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0October 9, 1957
6070La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Louis Gautsch
1867151Wisconsin, USA019586091La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Elmer Wilhelm Herman Gernetzke
September 11, 1906111Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0August 9, 19942387Kendall, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Walter August Carl Gernetzke
December 23, 1903114Wisconsin, USA0September 28, 19902786Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Glatz
December 8, 1867150Lubenec, Louny, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic0190711139Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Glatz
April 27, 1830188Lubenec, Louny, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic819229691Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Wilhelmine Maria 'Minnie' Glatz
about 1873
145Lubenec, Louny, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
919348461Jefferson, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Eunice M. Graves
February 9, 19101080August 14, 19714661Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Edward T. Grimes
October 19, 1885132Wisconsin, USA2February 1, 19358349Westford, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Martin Grimes
June 1, 1914103Wisconsin, USA0October 29, 19853271Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Ida Gropp
1874144Wisconsin, USA3191810044Wisconsin, USA
Charles “Carl” William Ernest Haase
April 25, 1858160Trebnitz, Anhalt-Zerbst, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany6February 1, 190910950Clifton, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Ernst Wilhelm Haase
December 31, 1827190Germany2June 9, 191310485Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Hach ( Haugh )
August 20, 1863154Kopidlo, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3October 19, 189712034Wisconsin, USA
Katerina ( Catherine ) Hamshire ( Hamscher )
January 25, 1855163Czech Republic6February 13, 1942
7687Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Lucinda 'Lucy' Haney
1900118Wisconsin, USA019932593Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora ( Barbara ) Hanzal ( Hanzel )
November 29, 1886131Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic1September 20, 19665179Wisconsin, USA
Katerina ( Catherine ) Hanzal ( Hanzel )
November 12, 1873144Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic7June 10, 19467172Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Lydia Hanzal ( Hanzel )
1892126Wisconsin, USA019675175Westford, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Hanzal ( Hanzel )
Marie Hanzal
October 2, 1881
about 1882
136Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
0November 23, 19288947Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Hanzalik
about 1889129Czech Republic0March 19338544Wisconsin, USA
Julia K Hanzel or Solchenberger
April 24, 1907111Sauk County, Wisconsin, USA0January 25, 20117103Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary Hanzel
March 20, 1876142Wisconsin, USA9August 24, 19595883Kenosha, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Haschke
Annie Haschke
about 1866
153Czech Republic
Czech Republic
819566291Wisconsin, USA
Josephine Haugh
February 24, 1912106Wisconsin, USA0July 2, 20031491Sauk City, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Anton Havel
November 8, 1892125Cook, Illinois, USA0May 17, 19734580Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Lillian Annette ( Lillie ) Havel
October 3, 1898119Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA0July 16, 19962197Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Anna Havlik
December 27, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0November 20, 19962184Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Havlik
May 1, 1866152Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic9June 25, 190810942Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Katerina Havlik
November 30, 1819198Nynice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1January 6, 190111781Wisconsin, USA
Mary Gabriella Havlik (unmarried)
March 30, 1915103Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0March 20, 20061290Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Michael ) 'Mike' Havlik
December 15, 1836181Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10about 188813051Wisconsin, USA
Brita 'Betsy' Hegg
June 20, 1849168Norway1November 15, 19427593Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes F Heidenreich
March 6, 1912106Wisconsin, USA0September 4, 20061194West Salem, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Heidenreich
March 26, 1842176Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1November 8, 191410372Wisconsin, USA
Frank Heidenreich
August 1, 1870147Wisconsin, USA2June 12, 19526581Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan Heidenreich ( Hajnerach )
May 11, 1815203Bilov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6December 23, 189412379Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Martin Heidenreich
January 20, 1909109Wisconsin, USA0March 14, 20031594Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Martin Heidenreich ( Hajnerach )
November 6, 1847170Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic4January 8, 187814030Wisconsin, USA
John ( Jack ) Heimel
September 1, 19151020December 30, 20031488Lyndon Station, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Charles Herbeck
April 13, 1898120Wisconsin, USA0September 14, 19793881Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Paul F Herdlicka
1913105Wisconsin, USA019883075Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Milada Josefa (Mildred Josephine) Herman
October 5, 1885132Dvorce, Podoli section of Praha 4, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic4September 5, 19714685Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Hoch
January 7, 18611570October 9, 188213521La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
William Hoercher
about 1857161Wisconsin, USA019407883Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Hofrichter or Hoflichter
March 25, 1887131Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA1July 15, 19655278Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Josephine Hofrichter
March 18, 1889129Berwyn, Cook, Illinois, USA0August 24, 19684979Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wilhelmine Hohlfeldt or Holfeldt
May 19, 1847171Czech Republic3May 8, 19199971La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Julius Hohlfeldt
July 6, 1820197Germany0December 20, 189811978Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Albena J. ( Albina Julia ) Holak
June 2, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0September 25, 19952284Columbia County, Wisconsin, USA
Bessie Holak
Bessie Holak
September 30, 1911
106Wisconsin, USA
Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
0March 4, 1987
February 4, 1987
3175Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Victoria Holak
December 21, 1900117Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0August 20, 19882987Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Holub
August 10, 1828189Kozojedy, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6January 24, 190811079Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Holub
February 25, 1867151Brizsko, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6October 21, 190211535Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Honel
February 19, 1876142Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA419467269Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Honish
about 1872146Wisconsin, USA319368264Wisconsin, USA
Albin ( Alvin ) Honl
December 24, 1873144Skuhrov, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic0March 14, 19457371Spokane, Washington, USA
Anna Honl ( step: Jirschele )
January 10, 1871147Skuhrov, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic319447472Wisconsin, USA
George Jr. Hora
1885133Illinois, USA3April 3, 19407855Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Horner
1840178Czech Republic819209880Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
John Paul Hotek
May 31, 1899118Wisconsin, USA0March 4, 19704870Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephene Hotek
January 16, 1865153Wisconsin, USA6April 13, 19506885Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Hotek (unmarried)
March 29, 1857161Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0September 21, 190311446Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Robert Hotek (unmarried)
August 31, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0September 8, 19873081Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Arthur Hottinger
May 25, 1890127Wisconsin, USA0August 18, 19635473La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Glenn House
August 7, 1891126Delton, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA0September 9, 19516660Lake Delton, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Viktorie ( Victoria ) Houska
November 30, 1871146Pacov, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic7January 20, 19487076Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Paul J. Housner
June 29, 1890127Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0April 23, 19754384Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anton E. Hynek
June 1, 1886131Kralovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3January 11, 19348447Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Bessie Hynek
February 1, 1898120Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0March 31, 19863288Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Blazena ( Blanche ) Hynek
April 2, 1913105Wisconsin, USA0September 17, 20061193Wyocena, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Jaroslav ( Jerry ) Hynek
Jaroslav Hynek
November 28, 1895122Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0March 14, 19615765Wisconsin, USA
Karel ( Charles ) Hynek
August 14, 1869148Kralovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic8December 31, 19407771Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Hynek
January 13, 1851167Bilov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5December 4, 191710066Wisconsin, USA
Veronika Hynek ( never married )
December 26, 1829188Bilov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1January 17, 191610286Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Albion Veat Janecek
June 14, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0September 2, 19853277Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Christena 'Tena' Janecek
1889129Wisconsin, USA0September 17, 19744385Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Cyril Methodias Janecek
May 24, 1891126Bloom City, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0January 27, 19556363Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Edward J Janecek (unmarried)
1900118Wisconsin, USA0July 7, 19328532Wisconsin, USA
Edward Wencil 'Ed' Janecek
July 15, 1890127Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA1September 30, 19803790Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Oliver Janecek
June 3, 1899
June 3, 1899
118Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0January 26, 19883088Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Joseph Janecek
June 27, 1907110Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0June 27, 19962189Rock, Wisconsin, USA
Frank W. Janecek ( Janechek )
March 7, 1885133Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 9, 19635478Wisconsin, USA
Helen M. Janecek
February 13, 1914104Wisconsin, USA0July 8, 2010796Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Janecek
July 10, 1848169Czech Republic5December 26, 19209772Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Fred Janecek
May 22, 1878139Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA5December 5, 19427564Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Joseph William Janecek
March 19, 1881137Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA3March 13, 19556373Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Katerina Katharine Janecek
September 16, 1836181Zichlice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3191210675Wisconsin, USA
Lucy Janecek
May 24, 1903114Wisconsin, USA0January 1, 19883084Lake, Minnesota, USA
Ludvik Ludwig Janecek (stepson of Slama)
August 13, 1863154Hadacka, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic8March 6, 19199955Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Jane Janecek
May 12, 1889129Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA4December 12, 19764187Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Michael ) Janecek Jr. (stepson of Slama) (died young)
January 20, 1862156Hadacka, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0187514312Wisconsin, USA
Veronika Janecek
December 11, 1829188Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7October 11, 191710087Wisconsin, USA
Wensel ( James : Jim ) Janecek
James Jim Janecek or Janecheck
September 24, 1891
August 29, 1893
126Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
0April 13, 19675175Wisconsin, USA
William John Janecek
May 16, 1895123Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0September 9, 19486953Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbara Janisch
about 1819199Usti nad Orlici district, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic3January 29, 187314554Wisconsin, USA
Anna Jann
Anna Jan (Bartolomej?) of Suchdol
May 30, 1827190Suchdol nad Luznici, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic2190311575Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Janousek
April 19, 1909
about 1911
109Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0August 3, 19803771Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
John Jelinek Jr
August 30, 1887130Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0August 28, 19605772Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Alfred Nordahl Jensen
February 7, 1896122Portland, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA0January 18, 19744477La Farge, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ole Christian Jensen
1893125Wisconsin, USA019397946Wisconsin, USA
Kenneth Earl Jewell
December 16, 1901116Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0December 8, 19843382New Mexico, USA
Frantiska ( Frances M. ) Jezek ( Jazek )
January 9, 1904114Mracov, Strakonice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic1January 15, 19892985Woodruff, Oneida, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph ( Joe ) Jindrich ( Jindrick )
August 10, 1890127Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0October 28, 19803790Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Carl ( Charles ) Jindrich
July 13, 1892125Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0October 16, 19764184Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Adolph Frank Jindrick
July 27, 1913104Wisconsin, USA0December 30, 19595846Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Jindrick
January 18, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0January 18, 20001898Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank S. Jindrick
August 22, 1888129Wisconsin, USA1April 30, 19645475Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Helen Jindrick
May 16, 1904114Wisconsin, USA0March 26, 19863281Wisconsin, USA
Mary Jindrick
August 13, 1896121Wisconsin, USA0April 17, 19823685Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Wencil Jindrick Jr.
February 29, 1894124Wisconsin, USA0October 17, 19259231Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Johann Jirschele of Rathsdorf #6
Johann Jirschele2
about 1797221Czech Republic8185616259Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph William Jirschele
April 13, 1892126Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA0June 15, 19744382Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Martin Johnecheck ( Janecek )
Martin Janecek
November 8, 1883
about 1884
134Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
3March 31, 19615777Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA
Robert Peter Jung
October 7, 1914103Hennepin, Minnesota, USA0April 19, 19883073Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Kallian Jr.
September 27, 1901116Hrdlovka near Osek, Teplice, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic0September 30, 19744373Seven Mile Creek, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Frances ( Fanny ) Karel
June 29, 1876141Wisconsin, USA5March 2, 19635586Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Louise Kaska
December 4, 1885132Wisconsin, USA0September 5, 19754289Pinellas, Florida, USA
Anna Kaukl or Koukl
June 2, 1841176Remesin, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic4April 27, 19259383Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Ella Kaukl
October 21, 1903114Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 29, 19774074Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Joseph Kaukl
December 4, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0November 29, 19576045Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Kaukl
October 5, 1873144Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA6August 15, 19506776Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Robert W. Kaukl
August 4, 1905112Wisconsin, USA0November 19684963Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
William Kaukl
September 19, 1901116Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 10, 19873086Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Julius Kaus
September 3, 1893124Wisconsin, USA0December 19774084Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph ( Joe ) Kelbel
1883135Wisconsin, USA019368253Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Kerska ( Keřka ) Sr.
February 2, 1865153Cejkovy, Klatovy, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic219536587Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Kerska Jr.
October 17, 1892125La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA0August 27, 19665173La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Clifford Perry Kidney
February 24, 1900118Scott, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA0April 19, 19645464Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA
Perry Kidney
November 3, 1868149Michigan, USA1August 15, 19506781Wyocena, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Francis T. ( Frank ) Klang
July 21, 1888129Wisconsin, USA0March 11, 19694980Wisconsin, USA
Edward Joseph Klema
1877141Wisconsin, USA019348457Racine, Racine, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Klevisha
July 29, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0September 13, 19823574Ramsey, Minnesota, USA
Jan ( John ) Klevisha
1864154Czech Republic2September 7, 19486984Wisconsin, USA
Albena Knadle
1880138Wisconsin, USA019407860Wisconsin, USA
Elizabeth J 'Lizzie' Knadle
February 5, 1882136Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA3March 25, 19665284Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Knadle
November 4, 1899118Wisconsin, USA0August 19, 19803780Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
William Knadle
August 9, 1904113Wisconsin, USA0October 23, 19734469Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Kolash
April 19, 1885133Wisconsin, USA0March 1, 19487062Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Kolash
April 21, 1881137Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA5January 1, 19457363Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Kolman
March 1851167Czech Republic3October 9, 191110660Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Kopecky or Kopetzky
December 30, 1843174Czech Republic3February 14, 190611262La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wenzel : James : Jim ) Kopfhamer Sr.
April 11, 1875143Benatecka Vrutice, Nymburk, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic2December 7, 19635488Marquette, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Korn
January 12, 18112071October 1, 190211591La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Wenzel Korn
August 12, 1849168Czech Republic9July 10, 191210562Wisconsin, USA
Anna Kosa
July 1816201Bucek, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3March 7, 187514358Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Michael ) Kosa
February 9, 1838180Bucek, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5December 28, 19298891Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anton ( Tony ) Kostka
June 10, 1894123Illinois, USA0June 18, 19635469Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Bozena ( Bessie M. ) Kostka
April 13, 1903115Illinois, USA0September 10, 19833480Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Kostka (unmarried?)
December 4, 1892125Cook, Illinois, USA0November 17, 19189925Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Kostka
about 1865153Czech Republic6October 8, 19368171Cazenovia, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Jerry Kostka
December 10, 1900117Illinois, USA0June 21, 19645363Wisconsin, USA
John Charles ( Jack ) Kostka Jr.
December 4, 1895122Cook, Illinois, USA0December 21, 19754280Springfield, Marquette, Wisconsin, USA
Julia Kostka
August 11, 1898119Illinois, USA0February 6, 19338534Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Victoria Kouba
May 20, 1897121Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0November 11, 19813684Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Wencel Kouba
June 20, 1893124Wisconsin, USA0December 14, 19358242Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anna S. Kouba
Annie Kouba
October 24, 1898
October 1897
119Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0May 14, 1977
4178Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbara Kouba
1867151Wisconsin, USA11August 22, 190511238Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Helen V. Kouba (unmarried)
June 7, 1903114Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0February 22, 19764272La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
James Rudolph Kouba
October 10, 1912105Wisconsin, USA0November 24, 19724560La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
John Emil Kouba
July 23, 1896121Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0August 15, 19793883Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Kouba
May 4, 1904114Wisconsin, USA0November 20, 19675063Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Kouba (died young)
October 24, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0July 7, 19111062Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Christena Kouba
July 22, 1908109Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 8, 19912683Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary J. Kouba
July 30, 1901116Wisconsin, USA0March 5, 19823680Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Wencil Kouba
October 2, 1870147Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA6May 24, 19516680Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wencil ( James Joseph ) Kouba
Wencil ( James Joe ) Kouba
October 18, 1894
October 18, 1889
123Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
0June 13, 1964
June 13, 1964
5369Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
Anna Kounek (first married name Vajtek or Koytech?)
1852166Czech Republic0July 19, 19269174Wisconsin, USA
Katerina ( Kate ) Koura
November 15, 1858159Lednice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5May 22, 19308771Wisconsin, USA
Veronika Kozel
February 21, 1830188Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3November 20, 19209790Wisconsin, USA
Amanda Ida Krachel
July 19, 1882135Wisconsin, USA2March 26, 19724689Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Franciska ( Frances Katherine ) Krajco
April 19, 1903115Hostie, Zlate Moravce, Nitriansky, Slovakia0March 16, 19982094Wisconsin, USA
Anna Kral
May 28, 1816201Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic9May 31, 189612180Wisconsin, USA
Mary E. Kranz
November 26, 19131040April 25, 2010896Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Rudolph Kratche
November 21, 1910107Wisconsin, USA0August 1, 19783967Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Krch
July 17, 1867150Krchova Lomná, Tabor, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic219457377Wisconsin, USA
Julia Sophie Krch
May 2, 1911107Wisconsin, USA0June 4, 19972086Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary Frances ) Krch
January 7, 1898120Czech Republic0March 16, 19595961Black River Falls, Jackson, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Krejci
May 23, 1837180Bujesily, Rokycany, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic9March 15, 191010872Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Maria Mary Kristal
June 26, 1821196Obora, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7May 1, 189812076Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wenzel ) Kuba Sr.
September 27, 1889128Kdyne, Domazlice, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0February 5, 19724682Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Kucera ( Kuchera )
February 27, 1865153Hromnice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3October 21, 19526587Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora Kuchera
October 16, 1875142Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA8November 2, 19585983Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wencil ( James ) Kuchera
March 30, 1894124Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0August 20, 19803786Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Ignaz ( Ignatz ) Kunert ( Kunnerth )
August 15, 1826191Czech Republic2October 10, 190111675La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Frank J. Kvapil
September 13, 1867150Czech Republic3April 22, 19397971Racine County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Kvapil ( Kwapil )
1824194Czech Republic6190611282Racine County, Wisconsin, USA
Alzbeta ( Elizabeth ) Lanc (Lancova)
Mary wife of Joe Shinglar
Mary wife of Joe Shinglar
1873145Vyzerky, Praha-vychod, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic3November 7, 19338460Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank W Landsinger
October 16, 1876141Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1November 6, 19516675Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Anton Landsinger
February 22, 1880138Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0December 29, 19585978Wisconsin, USA
Julia F. Landsinger
April 12, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0September 9, 19774075Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Mary J Landsinger
June 4, 1897120Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 19, 19734476Ironton, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Rosa Anna ( Rose : Rosie ) Landsinger
October 6, 1893124Wisconsin, USA2December 17, 19635470Wisconsin, USA
August A Langer
January 1, 1904114Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 18, 19714667Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Langer (unmarried)
May 2, 1892126Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0November 6, 19526560Wisconsin, USA
Ella Langer
August 28, 1906111Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 7, 19655259Cashton, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Langer
December 13, 1909108Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 11, 19803870Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma A. Langer (unmarried)
April 10, 1894124Wisconsin, USA0May 23, 19467152Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Langer
January 1866152Wisconsin, USA8December 19, 19368170Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Jacob Langer (unmarried)
August 22, 1877140Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 10, 19417763Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Langer
February 2, 1869149Wisconsin, USA3October 16, 19387969Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine Langer
January 2, 1899119Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 15, 19853286Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Langer
1845173Lany (then known as Ctyricet Lanu), Svitavy, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic4October 27, 190611161Wellington, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
James Lebansky
September 14, 1886131Wisconsin, USA0December 11, 19536467Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank William Lepsch
July 8, 1904113La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA0March 23, 19704865La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Elizabeth ( Lizzie ) Leuschner
December 1875142Germany319447468Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Levy
November 9, 1892125Wisconsin, USA0May 7, 19289035Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank P. Levy
1905113Wisconsin, USA019457340Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Levy
August 24, 1859158Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5April 11, 19388078Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
James Rudolph ( Wencil : Jim ) Levy
August 26, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0September 30, 19922584La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Levy
October 15, 1873144Wisconsin, USA9June 26, 19645390Wisconsin, USA
William Stanley Levy
May 7, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0December 4, 19585956Wisconsin, USA
Anna Lexa
July 17, 1871146Hamr, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic12June 12, 19467174Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Julia Lhotka
May 13, 1854164Oblajovice, Tabor, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic7June 18, 19318677Wisconsin, USA
Anna Libansky
June 20, 1864153Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic1019209855Wisconsin, USA
Edward Libansky
October 29, 1907110Wisconsin, USA0February 5, 20001892Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Elenora ( Nora ) Libansky
Nora Libansky
June 5, 1904
about 1905
113Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0October 24, 19783974Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Charles Libansky
August 12, 1912105Wisconsin, USA0January 30, 19912778Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Libansky (unmarried)
February 24, 1882136Wisconsin, USA0December 23, 190111619Wisconsin, USA
Mary Libansky
1884134Wisconsin, USA1May 19, 19615777Wisconsin, USA
Rose Libansky
July 28, 1891126Wisconsin, USA2January 16, 19655373Westford, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Arnold E. Liska
November 29, 1910107Wisconsin, USA0July 9, 19803769Fedhaven, Polk, Florida, USA
Elsie Mae Liska
January 3, 1904114Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0April 28, 19883084Galveston, Texas, USA
Jan ( John ) Liska ( Liskovec )
December 25, 1842175Novosedly nad Nezarkou, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic6July 15, 191010767Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Liska ( Liskovec ) Jr.
July 10, 1869148Novosedly nad Nezarkou, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic4June 25, 19288958Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Liska
September 24, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0February 10, 19902880Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Julie Liska (died young)
February 25, 18991190April 27, 18991190Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Ludmila ( Millie ) Liska
April 26, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0August 17, 19823580Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Sylvia Liska
March 21, 1907111Wisconsin, USA0January 5, 20011793Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Vencle Liska (died young)
December 13, 1873144Wisconsin, USA0May 13, 18751431Wisconsin, USA
Terezia Liskovec
October 10, 1820197Mlaka, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic2189612275Wisconsin, USA
Mary Lobe
August 23, 1858159Wisconsin, USA10May 10, 19457386Wisconsin, USA
Sophie Thresa Lobe
August 17, 1892125Wisconsin, USA1December 30, 19496857Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Stefan ( Stephan ) Lorenz
November 16, 1830187Zahorany, Litomerice, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic6190611275Wisconsin, USA
Anton Lukas or Lukes
about 1882136Czech Republic0June 25, 19576075New Lisbon, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Dyke M. McCoy
October 24, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0August 20, 19774068Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Aloisie Marie ( Louise Mary ) Macek
June 19, 1870147Czech Republic6January 8, 19546483Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Adolph Ewald Machovec
May 30, 1906111Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0October 23, 19853279Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Machovec
January 25, 1825193Czech Republic6January 23, 189212666Wisconsin, USA
Anna Clara Machovec
August 15, 1876141Wisconsin, USA5August 31, 1949
August 31, 1949
6873Wisconsin, USA
Charles Joseph Machovec
August 30, 1903114Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0February 27, 19704866Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Cyril Felix Machovec (unmarried)
November 19, 1895122Wisconsin, USA0December 12, 19189923Wisconsin, USA
Edward Machovec
November 21, 1885
November 1885
132Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
1September 3, 19704784Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Machovec
Josephine Machovec
1874144Wisconsin, USA3August 11, 19318657Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Lena Machovec (died young)
August 30, 1893124Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0November 1, 19011168Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Machovec
January 2, 1842176Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic819209877Wisconsin, USA
Rudolph N. Machovec (unmarried)
May 8, 1908110Wisconsin, USA0December 7, 19665158Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Wesley Louis Machovec
July 17, 1909108Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0August 30, 19863177Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Freda Beatrice McKitrick
1901117Wisconsin, USA0August 16, 19506749Wisconsin, USA
John Theron Maly
May 24, 1864153Dane County, Wisconsin, USA10April 7, 19457380Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Maly (unmarried)
October 27, 1888129Stary Kolin, Kolin, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic0November 7, 19556267Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Max Albert Maly
Albert M Maly
January 26, 1896
about 1896
122Gröba, Riesa-Grossenhain, Sachsen, Germany
0October 15, 19615665Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Charlotte A. Manning
June 22, 1901116New York, USA0September 17, 1991
September 18, 1991
2690Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Leonard Manville
March 12, 1907111Ironton, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA0May 30, 19754268Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Marek
July 9, 1880137Dolni Dobrouc, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic1March 3, 19447463Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora ( Barbara ) Betty Masat
July 15, 1871146Pacov, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic719487076Wisconsin, USA
John Mashak
March 2, 1893125La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA0November 13, 19615668La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Matousek
1848170019219773Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Joseph Matousek
February 24, 1879139Pavlinov, Zdar nad Sazavou, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic4May 19, 19536574Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Libbie Frances Matousek
July 10, 1910107Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA0July 30, 20134103Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Olga Jane Matousek
September 28, 1912105Wisconsin, USA0July 3, 19952282Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Meecher
October 20, 1853164Wisconsin, USA2March 25, 188613232La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
John Meinerz
about 1859159Wisconsin, USA019388079Glencoe, Buffalo, Wisconsin, USA
Anna ( Anne ) Mejchar
May 16, 1912106Wisconsin, USA0June 16, 20061194Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek Ondrej ( Frank Andrew ) Mejchar
February 2, 1886132Pocinovice, Domazlice, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3October 31, 19655279West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Ruzena ( Rose M. ) Mejchar
March 13, 1910108Czech Republic0November 23, 19873077Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
John Joe Miller
July 7, 1892125Ithaca, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0June 13, 19645371Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Robert Thomas Mislevecheck ( Mislivecek )
June 18, 1913104Wisconsin, USA0February 2, 19843470Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Mislivecek
1896122Wisconsin, USA0May 15, 19675171Wisconsin, USA
Albert Wencil Mislivecek
August 24, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0August 27, 19952284Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Christena Sophia Mislivecek
June 8, 1907110Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0April 25, 19912783Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Edward W. Mislivecek
August 14, 1902115Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 3, 19684966Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Mislivecek
May 15, 1898120Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 28, 19298831Wisconsin, USA
Frank Mislivecek (unmarried)
November 1, 1881136Wisconsin, USA0February 190211620Wisconsin, USA
Frank J. Mislivecek
January 20, 1903115Wisconsin, USA0December 13, 19803777Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia Julia Mislivecek
Georgia Mislivecek
January 31, 1909
about 1909
109Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0December 18, 20041395Portage, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Mislivecek
1885133Wisconsin, USA0February 21, 19615776Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Mislivecek
October 20, 1867150Vlkovice, Ceske Budejovice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic4February 11, 190811040Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Marie Mislivecek
March 25, 1912106Wisconsin, USA0July 13, 19873075Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Mislivecek
1900118Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA019526652Wisconsin, USA
Rudolf ( Rudolph ) Mislivecek
November 17, 1891126Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0August 10, 19694877Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wensel ( James ) Mislivecek (Misliveck : Mislevechek)
July 29, 1888129Richland County, Wisconsin, USA1September 4, 19437455Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Victor Mistele ( Mistelie)
1843175Switzerland3December 14, 191710074Wisconsin, USA
Lyman Edward Mitchell
November 21, 1879138Wisconsin, USA2April 24, 19566276Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
William A Mlsna
June 26, 1906
about 1906
111Greenfield, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0November 23, 19981992Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Beatrice M. Mortimer
May 7, 1903115Wisconsin, USA0December 31, 19803777Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Nachtigal
December 24, 1888129Wisconsin, USA4October 27, 191710028Wisconsin, USA
George Raymond Nachtigal
February 28, 1913105Wisconsin, USA0November 22, 19962183Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Lucie Erma Nachtigal
March 23, 1915103Wisconsin, USA0September 9, 20021587Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Elva V Nail
September 21, 1899118Wisconsin, USA0January 27, 19813781Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Phillip Nail
1853165Germany119259372La Farge, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Robert Nemec
October 7, 1878139Cook, Illinois, USA4December 8, 19694891Wisconsin, USA
Lottie Laura Nemec
Lottie S Walker
June 9, 1889
128Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Illinois, USA
2November 29, 19724583Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Franz ( Frank ) Neumann ( Neuman )
Frank Neumann
November 28, 1818
about 1818
199Dobrna, Decin, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
2December 15, 188313465Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Peter Neumann ( Neuman )
February 15, 1794224Germany5October 24, 187813984Wisconsin, USA
Theresia Neumann
November 14, 1811206Dobrna, Decin, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic6November 14, 188513274Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Nevsimal
September 20, 1855162Manetin, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic8January 8, 19417785Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Mike ) Nevsimal
January 17, 1880138Stichovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic419358354Wisconsin, USA
Lois Irene Nixon
August 19, 1903114Wisconsin, USA0January 12, 19694965Wisconsin, USA
Raymond Paul ( Ray ) Nixon
October 1, 1878139Wisconsin, USA1198335104Wisconsin, USA
Christena 'Tena' Norwalk or Novak
July 15, 1876141La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA1January 15, 190211625Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Norwalk
September 2, 1899118Wisconsin, USA0September 16, 19744375Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Norwalk
May 7, 1883135La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA2December 18, 19506767Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Francis ( Frank ) Norwalk
June 15, 1877140La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA6January 4, 19477169Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph F. Norwalk
March 11, 1912106Wisconsin, USA0October 15, 19981986Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary C. Norwalk
April 25, 1905113Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0March 17, 19991993Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Rudolph E. Norwalk
March 10, 1910108Wisconsin, USA0December 22, 19873077Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Albert James Novacek ( Novachek)
April 7, 1907111Wisconsin, USA0March 15, 19843476Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Novacek
December 16, 1860157Stara Hlina, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic4July 5, 19397878Wisconsin, USA
Anna Novak
March 2, 1857161Bacovice, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic12March 31, 19328675Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Novotny
November 12, 1887130Czech Republic0July 5, 19209732Wisconsin, USA
Adeline 'Della S.' Novy
March 9, 1909109Wisconsin, USA0January 29, 19883078Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Novy
June 14, 1892125Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0November 12, 19774085Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Albin Novy
May 31, 1907110Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 4, 19754367Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Novy (died young)
February 27, 1894124Wisconsin, USA0June 27, 190411310Wisconsin, USA
Anna Barbara Novy
April 11, 1896122Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0May 5, 19873191Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Anthony James ( Tony ) Novy (unmarried)
September 19, 1908109Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0June 21, 19694860Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Carl Frederick Novy
September 30, 1909108Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0May 2, 19784068Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Carl Milo Novy
June 1, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0October 22, 19793871Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Christena ( Tena ) Novy
March 14, 1888130Wisconsin, USA0February 6, 199028101Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Christena Marie Novy
December 11, 1903114Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0December 22, 19952292Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Elizabeth Frances ( Betty ) Novy
November 20, 1897120Wisconsin, USA0April 29, 19922694Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Ella M. Novy (unmarried)
February 21, 1898120Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 27, 19882990Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Albert Novy (unmarried)
April 11, 1906112Wisconsin, USA0December 14, 19863180Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Fred Wencil Novy
May 4, 1896122Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0June 24, 19803784Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Genieve J. ( Jennie ) Novy
May 27, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0April 29, 19764264Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Novy (unmarried)
February 15, 1874144Wisconsin, USA0January 20, 189911924Wisconsin, USA
Joseph F ( Joe ) Novy
July 25, 1880137Wisconsin, USA4November 29, 19655285Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Martin (Joe ) Novy
March 11, 1900118Wisconsin, USA0June 23, 19853285Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephene ( Josephine ) Novy ( Novey ) (unmarried)
August 28, 1876141Wisconsin, USA0December 28, 19635487Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Novy
April 1, 1887131Wisconsin, USA0October 1, 198730100Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Lillian ( Lillie : Lilly ) Novy (unmarried)
August 4, 1896121Wisconsin, USA0February 12, 199820101Arkansas, USA
Martha Novy
Martha Novy
Agnes second wife of Joseph Sindelar Jr.
Agnes second wife of Joseph Sindelar Jr.
January 31, 1894
about 1900
124Wisconsin, USA
Czech Republic
0February 28, 19219727Wisconsin, USA
Martha Emma Novy
June 25, 1892125Wisconsin, USA0October 29, 19754283Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Michael R. ( Mike ) Novy (unmarried)
February 3, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0April 22, 19724670Shorewood Hills, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Sophia Agnes ( Sophie ) Novy
November 15, 1890127Wisconsin, USA1December 2, 19783988Boscobel, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
William G Novy
February 6, 1903115Wisconsin, USA0March 19625659Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Leonard Okray
1914104Wisconsin, USA0September 21, 20001786Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Arnold Pacl
October 26, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0May 31, 19952288Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Anezka ( Agnes ) Palat
July 23, 1888129Wisconsin, USA1October 15, 19387950Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Palat
January 27, 1889129Wisconsin, USA019308840Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Palat
April 18, 1856162Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5October 12, 19328576Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Palat
February 5, 1872146Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA6October 1, 19556283Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Paudler
1864154Wisconsin, USA519496985Shelby, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Franz Frank Paudler
September 3, 1819198Czech Republic2March 22, 187614256Wisconsin, USA
William Paudler
about 1857161Wisconsin, USA0February 2, 19298972Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Pechan (unmarried)
May 10, 1888130Wisconsin, USA0May 23, 191710029Wisconsin, USA
Franciska ( Frances : Fannie ) Pelnar
1880138Wisconsin, USA1March 11, 190311523Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Marie Pesik (born Tobias) (stepdau. of Josef Pesik)
February 6, 1832186Lite, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2February 23, 190011868Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Anezka ( Agnes ) Pesik ( step: Fanta )
December 26, 1897120Stichovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0March 27, 19932595Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora Pesik
November 30, 1874143Stichovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic719249449Knadle Road, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Katerina Catherine Petski?
September 4, 1829188Czech Republic3February 17, 191510385Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Albin Picha
March 25, 1887131Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA1September 22, 19556268Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Eman Joseph Picha
1913105Wisconsin, USA0December 9, 19635450La Farge, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Picha
January 29, 1910108Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0June 11, 19813671Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Picha
March 24, 1843175Zernovice, Prachatice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic619199975Crawford, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia Picha
April 8, 1911107Wisconsin, USA0October 26, 19952284Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Helen Picha
April 19, 1914104Wisconsin, USA0March 30, 19863271Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Picha
1876142Wisconsin, USA1191810042Eastman, Crawford, Wisconsin, USA
Mary A. Picha
June 1881136Wisconsin, USA0May 10, 19625680Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Picl (Pitcl)
July 6, 1870147Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7August 25, 19585988Wisconsin, USA
Theodore J. Pierce
1902116Illinois, USA0June 28, 19546352Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Emil Pisha
April 13, 1887131Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA1April 28, 19546467Wisconsin, USA
Christine J Pisha
1909109Wisconsin, USA0June 15, 19477038Wisconsin, USA
Edward Pisha
August 1882135Wisconsin, USA2April 23, 19388055Glendale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Emil F. Pisha (unmarried)
February 7, 1907111Wisconsin, USA0January 14, 19883080Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma L. Pisha (unmarried)
January 8, 1904114Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 1, 19615657La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Frantiska Pisha (died young)
October 29, 1891126Wisconsin, USA0May 21, 18931251Wisconsin, USA
Vilem ( William ) Pisha (died young)
October 26, 1894123Wisconsin, USA0April 6, 18961221Wisconsin, USA
William J. Pisha (unmarried)
November 29, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0May 30, 19873077Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
William W Pisha
December 20, 1906111Glendale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA0April 15, 19665259Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph L. Pishaw ( Pisha )
February 7, 1886132Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA0August 14, 19605774La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Albena B Plachetka
March 1, 1891127Wisconsin, USA3August 1, 19724581Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Arnold Emil Plachetka
September 3, 1913104Wisconsin, USA0March 11, 20041490Wisconsin, USA
Emil E Plachetka
January 17, 1887131Richland County, Wisconsin, USA1June 21, 19684981Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Hermena M. Plachetka
November 12, 1910107Wisconsin, USA0May 14, 19863275Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph 'Joe' Plachetka (unmarried)
July 4, 1890127Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA01942
7651Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Plachetka (died young)
August 18, 1886131Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0May 15, 190311516Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Michael ) 'Mike' Plachetka
December 6, 1851166Hadacka, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1019298977Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wencil : James ) Plachetka Jr.
November 17, 1856161Hadacka, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic719407883Wisconsin, USA
William Plachetka
November 15, 1894123Wisconsin, USA0April 28, 1964
April 28, 1964
5469Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
William Plachetka (unmarried, veteran)
May 5, 1889129Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0September 7, 19566167Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Pleiner ( Pliner )
March 14, 1861157Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1November 24, 19417680Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Pliner
January 28, 1882136Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA3February 12, 198335101Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Pliner
March 6, 1874144Wisconsin, USA3April 28, 19526678Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Pliner
January 10, 1893125Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA1June 26, 19774084Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Frances ( Fannie ) Pliner
October 26, 1881136Wisconsin, USA0November 22, 19437462Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Paul Pliner
April 17, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0June 5, 19754273Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Pliner Sr.
February 6, 1887131Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0March 24, 19714784Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
James Pliner
November 17, 1892125Wisconsin, USA0November 7, 19625569Rockbridge, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph J. Pliner
April 7, 1880138Wisconsin, USA0September 14, 19724592La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
William Pliner
April 27, 1898120Wisconsin, USA0August 16, 19714673Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Pocepicky
April 20, 1879139Mladosovice, Ceske Budejovice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic419566276Wisconsin, USA
Rosa ( Rose : Rosie ) Pocepicky
June 23, 1882135Mladosovice, Ceske Budejovice, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic5April 27, 19546471Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Poisl
February 7, 1914104South Dakota, USA0December 31, 19378023Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Poisl ( Pojsl )
January 29, 1871147Czech Republic9September 19, 19467175Racine, Racine, Wisconsin, USA
William Poisl
October 27, 1904113Wisconsin, USA0July 19, 19873082Wisconsin, USA
Anna Polak ( Polakova )
March 11, 1840178Mladotice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3September 6, 19199879Wisconsin, USA
Maria ( Mary ) Preslik (born Cuchna)
June 11, 1872145Mlaka, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic10October 19, 19566184Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Rosalie ( Rose ) Preslik (born Cuchna)
February 5, 1874144Mlaka, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic5January 4, 19685093Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Pribyl
October 12, 1859158Kocin, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5October 31, 19417682Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
George Louis Prielipp
April 17, 1898120Wisconsin, USA0November 26, 19536455Kendall, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Proksch
1804214Czech Republic5188313579Stoddard, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Franz ( Frank ) Proksch
October 25, 1825192Czech Republic2December 11, 189212567Wisconsin, USA
Frances Anna Prucha
March 7, 1903115Wisconsin, USA0November 27, 19774074Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Louis R. Prucha
November 11, 1906111Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA0September 7, 19793872Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Pulda
Joseph Pulda
April 16, 1846172Bor u Skutce, Chrudim, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic6November 16, 19209774Crawford County, Wisconsin, USA
Charles H Quinn
1874144New York, USA219298955Wisconsin, USA
Frank James Quinn
June 21, 1902115Wisconsin, USA0September 1, 19714669Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Robert E Quinn
May 16, 1908110Wisconsin, USA0April 26, 19724663Shorewood Hills, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Rab or Raab
August 23, 1840177Kocin, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic4May 17, 190811067Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
George William Roy Rasmussen
April 3, 1906112Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA0October 24, 19813675Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Albin ( Alvin ) Reedle (unmarried)
July 26, 1889128Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0December 23, 19496860Wisconsin, USA
Ella Lenora Reedle
June 1898119Wisconsin, USA0November 3, 19942396Milladore, Wood, Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Reedle (unmarried)
Thomas Reedle
December 22, 1880
December 22, 1880
137Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
0July 18, 19566175Wood County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward William Reidle
December 8, 1884133Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1February 1, 19665281Wisconsin, USA
Helen Marie Reidle
January 18, 1910108Wisconsin, USA0June 8, 19833473Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Clara Resac
July 25, 1897120Wisconsin, USA0January 13, 19774179Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward R. Resac
November 29, 1903114Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0July 3, 19655261Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Emma C. Resac
April 17, 1900118Wisconsin, USA0February 27, 19685067Wisconsin, USA
Frank J. Resac ( Rezac ) (unmarried)
October 5, 1910107Wisconsin, USA0August 18, 19754264Shorewood, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Wencil Resac ( Rezac )
December 18, 1890127Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA0August 23, 19625571Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Resac (Rezac)
John Resac
November 13, 1837180Kopidlo, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic8December 10, 191210575Wisconsin, USA
Wencil ( James ) Resac
June 27, 1876141Wisconsin, USA6December 12, 19655289Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Daisy Revels
1902116Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0September 27, 19486946Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ivan J. Reyzek ( Rayzek )
March 21, 1909109Wisconsin, USA0December 14, 19892880Grant County, Wisconsin, USA
Sebastian Rieber
November 24, 1822195Germany3March 12, 189812075Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Sebastian Rieber
about 1860158Wisconsin, USA019348474Wisconsin, USA
Frances Riedl ( Reidle )
May 1860158Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA319338572Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Riedl ( Riedl )
December 18, 1842175Kralovice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic319219778Wisconsin, USA
Franz Ringel
October 31, 1806211Dobrna, Decin, Ustecky kraj, Czech Republic6January 13, 186515358Wisconsin, USA
Florian Ritschel
about 1802216Czech Republic5March 31, 187714175La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Regina Roberts
November 2, 1890127Wisconsin, USA0July 28, 19684977Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Johanna ( Hannah ) Roesler
January 11, 1846172Ostrov, Usti nad Orlici, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic0May 4, 19199973Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Heinrich ( Henry ) Rogge
May 20, 1835183Germany0May 18, 191110775Oakdale, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Clarence Joseph Rohovetz
September 22, 1912105Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA0January 4, 19892976Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA
Meta E. Rosenow
October 24, 1896121Wisconsin, USA0March 13, 19813784Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward C. Rosol
March 30, 1895123Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0September 3, 19774082Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Rosol
May 1891127Wisconsin, USA019576165Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Rosol (unmarried)
January 1887131Wisconsin, USA019576170Wisconsin, USA
Oscar George Roth
September 18, 1897120Wisconsin, USA0June 8, 19595861Wisconsin, USA
Adolf ( Adolph ) Rott
August 20, 1904113Wisconsin, USA0June 11, 19991894Wisconsin, USA
Anton Rott
January 12, 1883135Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA4September 13, 19477064Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Christina Rott
October 16, 1874143Wisconsin, USA6January 25, 19556380Wisconsin, USA
Emma Rott
July 29, 1888129Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA2February 12, 19764287Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank A. Rott
December 12, 1875142Wisconsin, USA2September 8, 19496873Wisconsin, USA
Jacob P Rott (unmarried)
May 1, 1894124Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0January 31, 19744479Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Johannah ( Jennie ) Rott
May 19, 1890
about 1891
128Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0June 25, 19665176Wisconsin, USA
Lucy Ann Rott
February 21, 1912106Woodland, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA0May 12, 20126100Sauk City, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Rott
December 8, 1872145Wisconsin, USA5January 16, 190311530Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Rott
September 8, 1876141Wisconsin, USA8January 19685091Exeland, Sawyer, Wisconsin, USA
Mathilda ( Tillie ) Rott
February 24, 1881137Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA6June 25, 19774096Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Rudolph Rott
December 28, 1914103Wisconsin, USA0May 9, 19645449Wisconsin, USA
Sullivan ( Sully ) Rott (unmarried)
April 18, 1914104Wisconsin, USA0August 10, 20041390Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Rott
December 25, 1880137Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA019536572Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
William Rott
May 11, 1913105Wisconsin, USA0August 8, 19665153Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Rychecky
July 29, 1897120Cesky Brod, Kolin, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic0January 25, 19774179La Farge, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Elizabeth Rynes
July 19, 1896121Czech Republic1March 31, 19774180Baraboo, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Christine Barbara Rynes
January 13, 1914104Wisconsin, USA0December 7, 19853271Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
James Edward ( Vaclav ) Rynes
July 12, 1915102Wisconsin, USA0November 22, 19863171Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Julia Katherine Rynes
February 13, 1908110Wisconsin, USA0July 14, 20041396Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Rynes
July 28, 1898119Domanin, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic0July 27, 19486949Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Rynes
October 5, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0June 22, 20031493Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Vojtech ( Albert ) Schara ( Sara )
about 1813205Czech Republic1April 27, 189911986Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Schiller Sr.
November 4, 1890127Mutejovice, Rakovnik, Stredocesky kraj, Czech Republic319378146Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Schiller
December 25, 1915102Illinois, USA0January 26, 19704854Wisconsin, USA
Mary Schmidt or Smith
August 28, 1871146Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA6February 26, 19378165Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Rosa ( Rose ) Schmidt ( Smith )
January 27, 1862
156Usti nad Orlici district, Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic
Czech Republic
5March 30, 19516789Wisconsin, USA
Michael Schuessler
1839179Bayern, Germany9February 4, 19239584Wisconsin, USA
Anton Schuster
December 18, 1852165Cernovice, Pelhrimov, Kraj Vysocina, Czech Republic0June 5, 19368183Sun Prairie, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Schweiner (step: Hoida)
September 12, 1886131Chodov near Trhanov, Domazlice, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2October 6, 19645378Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Adolf V ( Adolph ) Sebranek
July 27, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0January 13, 19734572Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Adolph John Sebranek (unmarried)
June 2, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0September 18, 19338422Wisconsin, USA
Albert William Sebranek
May 28, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0September 19, 19556255Wisconsin, USA
Albin J Sebranek
February 16, 1909109Wisconsin, USA0August 12, 19783969La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna ( Annie ) Sebranek (unmarried)
February 8, 1882136Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0June 6, 19279045Wisconsin, USA
Anna Victoria Sebranek
July 7, 1905112Wisconsin, USA0July 16, 19704765Wisconsin, USA
Charles Sebranek
March 7, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0January 5, 19843481Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Sebranek (died young)
March 24, 1900118Wisconsin, USA0March 6, 19071116Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward L Sebranek
April 2, 1886132Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA5November 2, 19675081La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Ella Sebranek
February 6, 1900118Wisconsin, USA0May 25, 19635463Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emil J Sebranek (died young)
March 10, 1910108Wisconsin, USA0April 19, 19171017Wisconsin, USA
Emily Marie 'Emma' Sebranek
August 15, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0May 26, 19972090Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Sebranek
November 1897120Wisconsin, USA019427644Wisconsin, USA
Emma Julia Sebranek
November 16, 1907110Wisconsin, USA0March 2, 19991991Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Sebranek
July 31, 1913104Wisconsin, USA0August 19, 19684955La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Frank J Sebranek
December 12, 1903114Wisconsin, USA0December 17, 19783975Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Rudolph Sebranek
January 29, 1903115Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0October 5, 19665163Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia Sebranek
September 25, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0July 12, 19793869Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Georgie Sebranek
October 11, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0June 15, 19556243Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Harold Paul Sebranek
April 15, 1911107Wisconsin, USA0October 14, 19645353Wisconsin, USA
Henry Edward Sebranek
November 29, 1895122Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0October 5, 19576061Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
John Henry Sebranek
July 12, 1903114Wisconsin, USA0August 25, 19605757Wisconsin, USA
John William Sebranek
January 27, 1890128Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA4October 10, 19496859Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Sebranek
January 1, 1871147Wisconsin, USA6September 27, 19467175Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Sebranek (unmarried)
about 1872
146Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
019249452Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Sebranek
November 30, 1892125Wisconsin, USA1May 23, 19863193La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine Albina ( Josie ) Sebranek
March 1, 1898120Wisconsin, USA0September 6, 19714673Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Sebranek (died young)
April 6, 1894124Wisconsin, USA0March 3, 190711112Wisconsin, USA
Marie Margaret Sebranek (unmarried)
August 24, 1915102Wisconsin, USA0January 26, 19873171Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Rose ( Rosie ) Sebranek
May 24, 1889128Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2February 20, 19615771Wisconsin, USA
Rose Kathryn Sebranek
August 30, 1913104Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0April 18, 19883074Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Sophie Mary Sebranek
October 14, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0January 16, 20041495Elmwood, Pierce, Wisconsin, USA
Theodore Rudolph Sebranek
October 25, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0May 19, 19556343Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Veat Sebranek
June 15, 1875142Richland County, Wisconsin, USA2December 2, 19625587Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Vercelia M. ( Cece ) Sebranek
January 1, 1915103Wisconsin, USA0April 27, 2010895Wisconsin, USA
William Sebranek
March 24, 1907111Wisconsin, USA0February 18, 19615753Wisconsin, USA
Howard Anthony Seery
May 9, 1915103Wisconsin, USA0September 16, 19803765Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Dorothy Ann Segebrecht
October 3, 1915102Wisconsin, USA0November 5, 19942379Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Sejk ( Sake )
Mary Sejk or Sake
1893125Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic3January 29, 19536560Wisconsin, USA
Anna 'Annie' Sejk or Sake
May 13, 1900118Trebon, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic0October 14, 19793879Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Julia Sekora
December 11, 1889128Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA2May 17, 19625672Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, USA
Carrie Severson
February 25, 1896122Wisconsin, USA0November 7, 19853289Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Thomas H. Severson
April 1865153Norway119576191Wisconsin, USA
Anna Shaker (unmarried)
October 16, 1896121Wisconsin, USA0April 10, 19734576Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Hattie E Shaker
March 1898120Wisconsin, USA019506851Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
James A Shaker
April 27, 1890128Wisconsin, USA0August 27, 19566166Otter Creek, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
Leo Wenceslaus Shaker
April 11, 1901117Wisconsin, USA0August 10, 19724571Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Theodore J Shaker
July 28, 1905112Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 1, 19744369Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wencel ( James : Jim ) Shaker Jr.
February 15, 1871147Wisconsin, USA4November 20, 19239452Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
William J Shaker
May 6, 1901117Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0June 17, 19665165Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Josefa ( Josephine ) Sebek Shebeck
May 21, 1828190Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2189312564Wisconsin, USA
Anna Shema
August 18, 1880137Wisconsin, USA3July 14, 19358254Wisconsin, USA
Elizabeth Agnes ( Lizzie ) Shema
August 3, 1890127Wisconsin, USA0March 7, 19853394Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Mary Shema
Emma Shema
February 20, 1888
February 1888
130Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
1May 4, 19447456Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frances Shema
December 5, 1893124Wisconsin, USA0March 13, 19873193Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Lillian Shema (unmarried)