: genealogy of Czech immigrants, most in the Hillsboro-Yuba, Wisconsin, area (born 1915 or earlier)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Agnes Theresa Suda
September 10, 1907112Orion, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0July 1, 20031695Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA
Albert George Suda
April 20, 1894125Wisconsin, USA0July 10, 19794085Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Alois 'Louis' Frank Suda
October 21, 1905114Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA0October 4, 19843578Deer Lodge, Montana, USA
Amelia Suda (died young)
September 7, 1898121Orion, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0November 20, 19051147Orion, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Suda
Anna Suda
about 1862158Czech Republic0about 18621580Czech Republic
Annie Suda
June 21, 1866153Czech Republic0August 1, 18681512Czech Republic
Anton Suda
about 1903117Wisconsin, USA0April 13, 19972294Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Charles Suda
about 1901119Wisconsin, USA0
Edward Charles Suda
January 24, 1897123Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA019576359Wisconsin, USA
Florence M Suda
about 1906114Wisconsin, USA0
Frances Suda
about 1910110Wisconsin, USA0
Frank Suda
about 1908112Wisconsin, USA0
Frantisek ( Frank ) Suda
September 23, 1837182Lom, Tabor, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic9May 1, 19279289Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) J Suda
January 18, 1869151Lom, Tabor, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic4March 29, 19526783Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
George Mathew Suda ( born Brunzlick )
George Matthew Brunzlick
February 10, 1899
February 10, 1899
121Orion, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Orion, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
0November 15, 19813882Portage, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Helen Marie Suda (died young)
August 1, 1915104Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0March 24, 19181012Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Henry Suda
about 1912108Wisconsin, USA0
Jan ( John ) George Suda
April 24, 1864155Lom, Tabor, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic7March 1, 19506985Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) 'Vandy' Suda
March 3, 1871148Lom, Tabor, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic8March 27, 19457474Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Suda
about 1903117Wisconsin, USA0
Joseph Jacob Suda
April 28, 1903116Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0March 19863382Antioch, Lake, Illinois, USA
Katerina Kathryn M. Suda
August 26, 1877142Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA3October 1, 19695092Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
Katie Suda
1896124Wisconsin, USA0
Madeline Mary Suda
May 28, 1910109Wisconsin, USA0April 13, 20011890Mercer, Iron, Wisconsin, USA
Maria Helen Suda
February 18, 1874146Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA6December 5, 190711233Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Suda
July 1899120Wisconsin, USA0
Rosa Suda (died young)
April 2, 1897122Wisconsin, USA0June 29, 191110814Wisconsin, USA
Teresa ( Tracy ) Suda
October 1875144Wisconsin, USA2June 15, 19576281Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wencil ) Suda
January 11, 1863157Czech Republic0November 25, 18631560Czech Republic
Vaclav Suda of Lom #4
Vaclav Suda of Lom #4
Veronika Suda
December 1845174Czech Republic519437797Wisconsin, USA
Wenceslaus Ludwig 'Vandy' Suda
August 18, 1904115Orion, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0January 13, 19843679Gurnee, Lake, Illinois, USA