: genealogy of Czech immigrant communities, mostly in Vernon County, Wisconsin, and surrounding area (born 1915 or earlier)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Adolf V ( Adolph ) Sebranek
July 27, 1900116Wisconsin, USA0January 13, 19734472Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Adolph John Sebranek (unmarried)
June 2, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0September 18, 19338322Wisconsin, USA
Agnes L Sebranek
Agnes Sebranek
January 7, 1898
January 1898
119Wisconsin, USA0June 26, 19724574Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Evelyn Sebranek
June 18, 1915102Oklahoma, USA0March 25, 19981982North Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Agnes L Sebranek
Agnes Sebranek
January 7, 1898
January 1898
Wisconsin, USA0June 26, 197274Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Sebranek
February 1879138Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1July 7, 19397760Cadott, Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA
Albert William Sebranek
May 28, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0September 19, 19556155Wisconsin, USA
Albin Sebranek
February 16, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0August 21, 19764067Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Albin J Sebranek
February 16, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0August 12, 19783869La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Sebranek
July 27, 1875141Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2April 9, 19397863Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Sebranek
February 9, 1869148Wisconsin, USA0July 10, 188812819Wisconsin, USA
Anna Sebranek
November 1, 1830186Czech Republic0Czech Republic
Anna ( Annie ) Sebranek (unmarried)
February 8, 1882135Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0June 6, 19279045Wisconsin, USA
Anna Sebranek (unmarried)
November 13, 1891125Wisconsin, USA0April 4, 19833491Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Sebranek of Bukovina #3
Anna Victoria Sebranek
July 7, 1905111Wisconsin, USA0July 16, 19704665Wisconsin, USA
Anton Sebranek
March 15, 1872145Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA5June 8, 19288956Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Arnold John Sebranek (unmarried)
January 15, 1905112Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0October 15, 19308625Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbara Sebranek
Barbora Sebranek
November 26, 1839177Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0December 7, 18391770Czech Republic
Betty Sebranek
April 1894123Wisconsin, USA0April 24, 19892895Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Charles Sebranek
March 7, 1902115Wisconsin, USA0January 5, 19843381Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Sebranek
January 16, 1904113Oklahoma, USA0December 31, 19704666Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Edward Sebranek (died young)
March 24, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0March 6, 19071106Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Henry Sebranek
August 11, 1908108Wisconsin, USA0December 31, 19853177Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward L Sebranek
April 2, 1886131Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA5November 2, 19674981La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Edwin Rudolph Sebranek
March 30, 1914103Wisconsin, USA0August 28, 19833369Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Ella Sebranek
February 6, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0May 25, 19635463Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ella Gabriale Sebranek
August 7, 1911105Wisconsin, USA0October 18, 19922481Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Ella Julia Sebranek
July 20, 1909107Cadott, Chippewa, Wisconsin, USA0July 26, 19952186Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Elsie Laura Sebranek
July 27, 1904112Wisconsin, USA0November 17, 20011597
Eman Edward Sebranek
November 21, 1915101Wisconsin, USA0November 11, 19952179Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Sebranek
February 1, 1908109Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA0December 11, 19922484Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Emil J Sebranek (died young)
March 10, 1910107Wisconsin, USA0April 19, 19171007Wisconsin, USA
Emil Martin Sebranek
March 2, 1898119Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA019496850Wisconsin, USA
Emily Marie 'Emma' Sebranek
August 15, 1906110Wisconsin, USA0May 26, 19972090Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Sebranek
November 1897119Wisconsin, USA019427544Wisconsin, USA
Emma Julia Sebranek
November 16, 1907109Wisconsin, USA0March 2, 19991891Wisconsin, USA
Ernest Sebranek
July 31, 1913103Wisconsin, USA0August 19, 19684855La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Ferdinand ( Fred ) Sebranek
July 1883133Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA119239439Wisconsin, USA
Frank Sebranek
1869148Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA5June 3, 19279058Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Sebranek
January 18, 1902115Oklahoma, USA0September 13, 19991797Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Frank Sebranek (I)
July 16, 1838178Czech Republic0July 21, 18381780Czech Republic
Frank Sebranek (unmarried)
February 8, 1882135Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0July 28, 198432102Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frank J Sebranek
December 12, 1903113Wisconsin, USA0December 17, 19783875Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Rudolph Sebranek
January 29, 1903114Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0October 5, 19665063Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) John Sebranek
December 27, 1846170Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6March 30, 19328585Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia Sebranek
September 25, 1909107Wisconsin, USA0July 12, 19793769Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Georgie Sebranek
October 11, 1911105Wisconsin, USA0June 15, 19556243Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Harold Paul Sebranek
April 15, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0October 14, 19645253Wisconsin, USA
Helen Ann Sebranek
1906111Wisconsin, USA020051299
Henry Edward Sebranek
November 29, 1895121Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0October 5, 19575961Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Jacob Sebranek
July 4, 1877139Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA4February 6, 19546376Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
James Sebranek
February 3, 1900117Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA0August 3, 19724472Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Jan Sebranek
April 3, 1854163Czech Republic0April 3, 18541630Czech Republic
Jerry Sebranek
May 26, 1896121Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA0May 8, 19823585Covington, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Jiri Sebranek
1768249Czech Republic2May 20, 182419356Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic
John Henry Sebranek
July 12, 1903113Wisconsin, USA0August 25, 19605657Wisconsin, USA
John Joseph Sebranek
April 27, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0July 2, 19615553Wisconsin, USA
John William Sebranek
January 27, 1890127Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA4October 10, 19496759Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Josef Sebranek
July 31, 1832184Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0
Josef ( Joseph ) Sebranek
February 29, 1836181Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic12January 2, 191210575Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Sebranek
February 13, 1866151Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10November 21, 19486882Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Sebranek
July 14, 1868148Mladotice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10March 5, 19526583Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Josef Sebranek (died young)
November 12, 1832184Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic018321850
Josef Sebranek of Bukovina #3
January 17, 1803214Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5October 13, 187514172Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic
Joseph Sebranek
January 1896121Wisconsin, USA0December 24, 19377941Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Sebranek
February 2, 1902115Wisconsin, USA0March 2, 19665164Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Sebranek
January 1, 1871146Wisconsin, USA6September 27, 19467075Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Sebranek (unmarried)
about 1872
145Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
019249352Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Sebranek Jr.
April 5, 1892125Illinois, USA0May 22, 19675075Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Sebranek
November 30, 1892124Wisconsin, USA1May 23, 19863193La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine Albina ( Josie ) Sebranek
March 1, 1898119Wisconsin, USA0September 6, 19714573Wisconsin, USA
Josephine Anna Sebranek
December 22, 1880136Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA4October 25, 19595778Cudahy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Julia Marie Sebranek
March 7, 19141030November 28, 19635349Horicon, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA
Lena Sebranek (unmarried)
June 22, 1887130Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 10, 19655277Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Leon 'Spigot' Sebranek
December 21, 1906110Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA019576050Wisconsin, USA
Lewis Sebranek
April 11, 1906111Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA0May 19, 19853279Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Lucy Tena Sebranek
July 3, 1907109Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0July 7, 19902683Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Sebranek
March 4, 1873144Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA7June 10, 19526579Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Sebranek
December 6, 1840176Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5September 16, 19269085Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Sebranek
August 19, 1834182Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2December 5, 19179983Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Marie ( Mary ) Sebranek (died young)
April 6, 1894123Wisconsin, USA0March 3, 190711012Wisconsin, USA
Marie Margaret Sebranek (unmarried)
August 24, 1915101Wisconsin, USA0January 26, 19873071Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Sebranek
about 1903114Wisconsin, USA0September 24, 19863083La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Martha Margaret Sebranek
September 8, 1904112Wisconsin, USA0July 28, 19843279Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Martin Sebranek
November 11, 1839177Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3January 11, 19239483Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Sebranek
October 19, 1883133Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA3October 31, 19615578Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Sebranek
August 23, 1873143Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA7August 27, 19437370Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Sebranek
1872145Wisconsin, USA219526580Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Mike ) Sebranek
February 13, 1842175Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic4February 7, 19219678Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Mike ) Sebranek
Matej (I) Sebranek
February 16, 1837180Czech Republic0February 26, 18371800Czech Republic
Matilda Pauline ( Tillie ) Sebranek
June 22, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0January 18, 19833473Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Mildred Sebranek
about 1909108Wisconsin, USA0May 28, 19774068Wisconsin, USA
Robert Sebranek
February 1, 1911106Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA0February 8, 19111060Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA
Robert Leo Sebranek
December 9, 1913103Wisconsin, USA0March 6, 19962182Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Rose ( Rosie ) Sebranek
May 24, 1889128Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2February 20, 19615671Wisconsin, USA
Rose Kathryn Sebranek
August 30, 1913103Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0April 18, 19882974Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Rudolph Sebranek
1903114Wisconsin, USA019566153Tennessee, USA
Rudolph R. Sebranek
August 26, 1897119Garber, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA0November 26, 19615564Oklahoma, USA
Sophie Mary Sebranek
October 14, 1908108Wisconsin, USA0January 16, 20041395Elmwood, Pierce, Wisconsin, USA
Theodore Rudolph Sebranek
October 25, 1911105Wisconsin, USA0May 19, 19556243Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wencil ) Sebranek
February 20, 1864153Potvorov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6November 27, 19377973Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav (James) Sebranek (died young)
September 1880136Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0July 7, 18861305Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav Sebranek of Mlac #24
Veat Sebranek
June 15, 1875142Richland County, Wisconsin, USA2December 2, 19625487Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Vercelia M. ( Cece ) Sebranek
January 1, 1915102Wisconsin, USA0April 27, 2010795Wisconsin, USA
Veronika Sebranek
December 25, 1851165Czech Republic0Czech Republic
Veronika (I) Sebranek
December 13, 1844172Czech Republic0January 13, 18461711Czech Republic
Vit Sebranek
June 16, 1849168Czech Republic0Czech Republic
Vit Sebranek of Bukovina #3
1811206Czech Republic12December 5, 188213471Czech Republic
Vojtech Sebranek
March 20, 1834183Bukovina, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0
Wencil ( James ) John Sebranek
September 28, 1879137Richland County, Wisconsin, USA6April 23, 19645384Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
William Sebranek
March 24, 1907110Wisconsin, USA0February 18, 19615653Wisconsin, USA
William Carl Sebranek
January 28, 1904113Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA019694864