: genealogy of Czech immigrants, most in the Hillsboro-Yuba, Wisconsin, area (born 1915 or earlier)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Agnes Pliner
January 28, 1882138Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA3February 12, 198337101Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes Pliner
March 6, 1874145Wisconsin, USA3April 28, 19526778Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Fred Pliner
April 22, 1895124Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0July 19, 19863391Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Pliner
1866154Wisconsin, USA9July 4, 19457479Wisconsin, USA
Anna Pliner
June 18, 1889130Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0November 13, 19556466Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Anne Pliner
about 1863157Czech Republic0
Barbara Pliner
April 28, 1884135Iowa, USA2March 19655480
Edward Pliner
September 23, 1891128Iowa, USA0March 19744582
Emma Pliner
January 10, 1893127Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA1June 26, 19774284Elroy, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Fannie Pliner
about 1874146Czech Republic0
Frances ( Fannie ) Pliner
October 26, 1881138Wisconsin, USA0November 22, 19437662Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Pliner
July 23, 1889130Iowa, USA0
Frank Pliner
about 1879141Czech Republic0
Frank Paul Pliner
April 17, 1902117Wisconsin, USA0June 5, 19754473Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Frank Pliner Sr.
February 6, 1887133Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0March 24, 19714884Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frantiska ( Frances : Fannie ) Pliner
about 1876144Wisconsin, USA2
Helen Pliner
September 2, 1903116Wisconsin, USA0December 21, 19853482Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Henry John Pliner
about 1912108Iowa County, Wisconsin, USA0April 16, 19853473Arena, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA
Howard Viken Pliner
September 23, 1912107Stoughton, Dane, Wisconsin, USA0November 14, 19952483Illinois, USA
James Pliner
November 17, 1892127Wisconsin, USA0November 7, 19625769Rockbridge, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Jeffery Pliner
July 19, 1897122Elkhorn, Webster, Iowa, USA0March 8, 19685170Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa, USA
John Pliner
January 27, 1877143Wisconsin, USA5March 7, 19625785Dellwood, Adams, Wisconsin, USA
John Pliner
John Pliner
about 1841179Czech Republic6
John Pliner
about 1860160Czech Republic0
Joseph Pliner
May 2, 1882137Iowa, USA0May 19724789
Joseph Pliner
about 1856164Czech Republic0
Joseph J. Pliner
April 7, 1880139Wisconsin, USA0September 14, 19724792La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph R 'Joe' Pliner
March 14, 1891128Wisconsin, USA0November 24, 19724781Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Wilferd Pliner
January 28, 1885135Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA1February 24, 19813896Stoughton, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Marcella Pliner
September 1896123Wisconsin, USA0October 22, 19556459Rockbridge, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Pliner
September 2, 1879140Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA1September 23, 198831109Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Pliner
September 17, 1869150Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1May 20, 19318861Plymouth, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Pliner
about 1865155Czech Republic0
Mary Pliner (unmarried)
1875145018761441Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Richard Robert Pliner
May 22, 1913106Wisconsin, USA0October 24, 19942581Washington, Wisconsin, USA
Sylvia A. Pliner
October 29, 1908111Wisconsin, USA0July 2, 19982189Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Pliner
November 16, 1893126Iowa, USA0August 27, 19695075Webster, Iowa, USA
Wencil ( James ) Pliner
about 1887133Iowa, USA0
Wencil ( James ) Pliner Jr.
September 15, 1877142Richland County, Wisconsin, USA0March 23, 19586180Wisconsin, USA
William Pliner
April 27, 1898121Wisconsin, USA0August 16, 19714873Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
William John Pliner
November 19, 1894125Wisconsin, USA0May 20, 19665371Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
William Martin Pliner
September 28, 1897122Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0December 26, 19803983La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA