: genealogy of Czech immigrant communities, mostly in Vernon County, Wisconsin, and surrounding area (born 1915 or earlier)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Adeline 'Della S.' Novy
March 9, 1909108Wisconsin, USA0January 29, 19882978Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes A Novy
Agnes Novy
December 30, 1911105Wisconsin, USA0July 3, 19912679Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Agnes A Novy
Agnes Novy
December 30, 1911Wisconsin, USA0July 3, 199179Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Albert Novy
June 14, 1892125Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0November 12, 19773985Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Albin Novy
May 31, 1907110Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 4, 19754267Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Albina Novy
November 6, 1889127Wisconsin, USA0March 9, 199225102Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Alfred J Novy
March 1898119Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0July 5, 19764178Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Anastasia Novy
Statia wife of Edward Levy
Statia wife of Edward Levy
August 20, 1885
about 1887
131Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0May 18, 19467160Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Novy
May 27, 1846171Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10September 8, 19269080Wisconsin, USA
Anna Novy
June 14, 1875142Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0December 2, 19437368Prairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Novy (died young)
February 27, 1894123Wisconsin, USA0June 27, 190411310Wisconsin, USA
Anna Barbara Novy
April 11, 1896121Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0May 5, 19873091Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna F Novy
March 26, 1886131Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2March 13, 19843397Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Mary Novy
June 28, 1883134Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA4January 25, 19506766Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin, USA
Anthony James ( Tony ) Novy (unmarried)
September 19, 1908108Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0June 21, 19694860Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Novy
October 25, 1856160Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic9September 10, 19387881Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Anton Novy (unmarried)
July 11, 1898119Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0April 4, 19853286Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Antonin Anton J Novy
June 12, 1861156Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic9May 27, 19348372Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Barbara Novy
December 4, 1869147Wisconsin, USA9April 3, 19615691Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Barbara Novy (unmarried)
1871146Wisconsin, USA0November 29, 19467075La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora ( Barbara ) Novy
September 12, 1859157Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10April 15, 19506790Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Bertha Novy
August 15, 1890126Wisconsin, USA2June 23, 19793888Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Bessie Bernice Novy
November 14, 1909107Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0July 21, 20041394Oklahoma, USA
Carl Frederick Novy
September 30, 1909107Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0May 2, 19783968Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Carl Milo Novy
June 1, 1908109Wisconsin, USA0October 22, 19793771Reedsburg, Sauk, Wisconsin, USA
Christena ( Tena ) Novy
March 14, 1888129Wisconsin, USA0February 6, 199027101Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Christena Marie Novy
December 11, 1903113Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0December 22, 19952192Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Novy
June 10, 1894123Wisconsin, USA1June 15, 19813687Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Elizabeth Frances ( Betty ) Novy
November 20, 1897119Wisconsin, USA0April 29, 19922594Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Ella Novy
Ella E.
Ella E.
November 8, 1891
September 10, 1891
125Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1September 5, 1973
July 1973
4381Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
Ella M. Novy (unmarried)
February 21, 1898119Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 27, 19882890Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Emil Novy
January 29, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0November 22, 19922486Illinois, USA
Emil David Novy
May 19, 1900117Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0March 17, 1961
March 17, 1961
5660Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emily Julia ( aka, Kathleen) Novy
October 9, 1907109Wisconsin, USA0April 11, 19714663Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Emma Novy
August 10, 1881135Wisconsin, USA2August 29, 19556174Wisconsin, USA
Frank Albert Novy (unmarried)
April 11, 1906111Wisconsin, USA0December 14, 19863080Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frank J. Novy
October 14, 1872144Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA3June 6, 19605787Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frank T Novy
February 19, 1882135Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2November 3, 19724490Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Novy Jr.
June 22, 1851166Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10July 4, 19298878Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Novy Sr.
July 8, 1822195Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7August 18, 190411282Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Fred S. Novy
February 17, 1890127Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0September 28, 19655175Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Fred Wencil Novy
May 4, 1896121Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0June 24, 19803784Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Frederick Novy (died young)
August 2, 1875141Wisconsin, USA0August 2, 18751410Wisconsin, USA
Genieve J. ( Jennie ) Novy
May 27, 1911106Wisconsin, USA0April 29, 19764164Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Jakub Novy
James R Novy
March 21, 1905112Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0November 29, 19704665Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Jan Novy
June 15, 1794223Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2
Jan ( John B ) Novy
May 12, 1832185Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7September 25, 190411272Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josef ( Joseph ) Novy
March 11, 1844173Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10October 25, 191510171Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josef Novy of Nebreziny #11
Josefa Novy
May 13, 1877140Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0May 15, 18771400Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic
Josefa ( Josephine ) 'Josie' Novy
October 24, 1848168Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10December 30, 19269078Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Novy (unmarried)
February 15, 1874143Wisconsin, USA0January 20, 189911824Wisconsin, USA
Joseph A. ( Joe ) Novy
February 27, 1907110Wisconsin, USA0May 5, 19882981Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph F ( Joe ) Novy
July 25, 1880137Wisconsin, USA4November 29, 19655185Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Francis Novy
November 27, 1879137Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0September 6, 19467066Prairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Martin (Joe ) Novy
March 11, 1900117Wisconsin, USA0June 23, 19853285Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephene ( Josephine ) Novy ( Novey ) (unmarried)
August 28, 1876140Wisconsin, USA0December 28, 19635387Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Novy
April 1, 1887130Wisconsin, USA0October 1, 198729100Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Julia Novy
February 12, 1906
111Wisconsin, USA
Wisconsin, USA
0June 11, 1993
2487Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
Lillian ( Lillie : Lilly ) Novy (unmarried)
August 4, 1896120Wisconsin, USA0February 12, 199819101Arkansas, USA
Maria Mary Novy
September 30, 1853163Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0November 25, 187514122Wisconsin, USA
Marie Novy
Marie ( Mary A ) Novy
March 1871146Wisconsin, USA4December 19, 19189847Wisconsin, USA
Martha Novy
Martha Novy
Agnes second wife of Joseph Sindelar Jr.
Agnes second wife of Joseph Sindelar Jr.
January 31, 1894
about 1900
123Wisconsin, USA
Czech Republic
0February 28, 19219627Wisconsin, USA
Martha Novy
Martha Novy
Agnes second wife of Joseph Sindelar Jr.
Agnes second wife of Joseph Sindelar Jr.
January 31, 1894
about 1900
Wisconsin, USA
Czech Republic
0February 28, 192127Wisconsin, USA
Martha Emma Novy
June 25, 1892125Wisconsin, USA0October 29, 19754183Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Novy
December 28, 1867149Prairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin, USA8August 9, 191510147Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Mary Novy
February 1879138Czech Republic0
Matej Novy
February 18, 1841176Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6May 27, 188713046Prairie du Chien, Crawford, Wisconsin, USA
Matej ( Michael ) 'Mike' Novy
August 15, 1865151Wisconsin, USA11March 22, 19288962Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Matilda Tillie Novy
February 24, 1895122Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA0November 29, 19843289Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Michael R. ( Mike ) Novy (unmarried)
February 3, 1902115Wisconsin, USA0April 22, 19724570Shorewood Hills, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Minnie Novy
August 22, 1888128Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA1June 18, 19744385Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Otto Albert Novy
August 16, 1902114Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0June 17, 19833480Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Paul Novy
July 1, 1899118Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0May 27, 19853285Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Raymond E Novy
February 24, 1914103Wisconsin, USA0September 29, 20061092Illinois, USA
Robert Frank Novy
April 14, 1884133Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0October 6, 19566072Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Sophia Agnes ( Sophie ) Novy
November 15, 1890126Wisconsin, USA1December 2, 19783888Boscobel, Grant, Wisconsin, USA
Stanislav Stanley Novy
April 1897120Wisconsin, USA0September 10, 19833386
Sylvia Novy (unmarried)
March 31, 1901116Wisconsin, USA0August 4, 19269025Onalaska, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav Novy
December 4, 1817199Nebreziny, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1Czech Republic
Wencil ( James ) Novy (unmarried)
December 12, 1874142Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0March 28, 19684993Richland Center, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
William G Novy
February 6, 1903114Wisconsin, USA0March 19625559Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
William Joe Novy
January 16, 1890127Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0July 5, 19764186Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA