: genealogy of Czech immigrants, most in the Hillsboro-Yuba, Wisconsin, area (born 1915 or earlier)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Agnes A. Levy
May 30, 1900118Wisconsin, USA0March 19, 19991998Wisconsin, USA
Agnes E. Levy
September 19, 1897121Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0April 1, 19813783Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
Alice or Ella Levy
January 1897121Illinois, USA0
Anna Levy
April 10, 1852166Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5August 9, 189512343Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Levy
February 13, 1886132Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2March 17, 19467260Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Barbora Levy of Sedlec #5
about 17582602
Bohumil ( Robert ) Levy
November 26, 1866152Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic3September 15, 19437576Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Christena 'Tena' Levy
June 23, 1880138Wisconsin, USA4May 21, 19694988Wisconsin, USA
Edward Levy
0before 1900118
Edward Levy
November 9, 1892126Wisconsin, USA0May 7, 19289035Champion Valley, Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Edward Francis Levy
March 6, 1905113Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0January 27, 19397933Union, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Emma Levy
August 20, 1887131Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA2September 6, 19477160Wisconsin, USA
Fannie Levy
May 22, 1901117Wisconsin, USA0May 19833581
Frank Levy
about 1894124Illinois, USA0
Frank Levy
about 1907111Illinois, USA0
Frank D. Levy
February 19, 1889129Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1March 1, 19704881Wisconsin, USA
Frank P. Levy
1905113Wisconsin, USA019457340Wisconsin, USA
Frantisek ( Frank ) Levy
August 24, 1859159Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5April 11, 19388078Yuba, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Georgia P Levy (unmarried)
April 24, 1900118Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA0February 22, 19625661Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Jakub ( Jacob ) Levy
July 9, 1802216Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic4February 19, 188613283Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
James Rudolph ( Wencil : Jim ) Levy
August 26, 1908110Wisconsin, USA0September 30, 19922684La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Jan ( John ) Levy
about 1824194Czech Republic7
Jan Levy of Sedlec
Jan Levy of Sedlec #11
about 17702481March 19, 184517375Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic
Jan Levy of Vyrov #2
Josef ( Joseph ) Levy
November 14, 1845173Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7February 4, 19338587Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Levy
March 4, 1870148Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2February 11, 19427671Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Joseph Levy
1896122Illinois, USA0
Joseph E. Levy
February 23, 1891127Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin, USA0September 11, 19655374La Crosse County, Wisconsin, USA
Joseph W. Levy
February 25, 1883135Greenwood, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA1June 4, 19665283Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine Levy
August 12, 1875143Wisconsin, USA3June 29, 19714795Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Levy
March 3, 1890128Wisconsin, USA2December 3, 19793989Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Josephine ( Josie ) Levy
April 21, 1884134Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA2December 22, 19665182Wisconsin, USA
Julia Levy Rosol
April 6, 1912106Wisconsin, USA0September 28, 2009997Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Katerina Levy
November 21, 1864154Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0Czech Republic
Margaret M. Levy
July 13, 1904114Wisconsin, USA0August 23, 19962292Juneau County, Wisconsin, USA
Marie Levy
May 19, 1855163Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0
Marie ( Mary ) Levy
October 2, 1857161Obora, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6March 27, 19229664Wisconsin, USA
Marie Levy (died young)
May 25, 1850168Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0
Marie Levy (died young)
March 29, 1854164Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0April 5, 18541640Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic
Marie Levy Vyrov #10
Martin Levy
November 1, 1855163Obora, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic6November 8, 19308875Wisconsin, USA
Mary Levy
May 13, 18831354December 30, 19714688Wisconsin, USA
Mary Levy
October 15, 1873145Wisconsin, USA9June 26, 19645490Wisconsin, USA
Mary A. Levy
October 1, 1882136Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA2July 23, 19506867Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Rosalie ( Rose ) Levy
July 30, 1862156Lednice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic7July 20, 19378174Forest, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Rose Levy
about 1900118Illinois, USA0
Rose Rosie Levy
August 31, 1885133Illinois, USA1January 14, 19744488Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Tomas Levy
November 18, 1851167Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0
Vaclav Levy
September 27, 1855163Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0Czech Republic
Vaclav ( Wencil : James ) Levy
December 5, 1858160Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic2January 8, 19447485Wisconsin, USA
Vaclav ( Wencil ) Levy
June 1, 1828190Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic5February 25, 191310584Richland County, Wisconsin, USA
Veronika ( Flora ) Levy
December 15, 1864154Lednice, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic10August 23, 19496984Otter Creek, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
Victor Levy
September 5, 1877141Wisconsin, USA4April 14, 19318753Wisconsin, USA
Vojtech Levy
March 24, 1848170Vyrov, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic0
Vojtech Levy of Sedlec #10
March 23, 1782236Sedlec, Plzen-sever, Plzensky kraj, Czech Republic1
William Joseph Levy
May 26, 1892126Wisconsin, USA0February 19704877Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
William Stanley Levy
May 7, 1902116Wisconsin, USA0December 4, 19586056Wisconsin, USA