: genealogy of Czech immigrants, most in the Hillsboro-Yuba, Wisconsin, area (born 1915 or earlier)


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alice Johnson
January 7, 1887132Wisconsin, USA0March 19754488Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA
Alice Rosamond Johnson
April 19, 1911108Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA0July 16, 20061395Verona, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Allie Serene Johnson
March 28, 1891128Wisconsin, USA1May 5, 19546563Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Amelia Johnson
Andrew Johnson
about 1883136Wisconsin, USA0
Anna Johnson
1866153Minnesota, USA1190211736Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Johnson
1890129Wisconsin, USA019556465La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Anna Johnson
May 1889130South Dakota, USA0
Bernard ( Ben ) Johnson
about 1866153Waupun, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA1
Charles A. Johnson
August 1858161Minnesota, USA0
Chester Johnson
Christian Johnson
about 1835184Norway1
Clara O. Johnson
1884135Wisconsin, USA119536669Fountain, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA
Eric Johnson
Ethylyn Johnson
February 12, 1914105Wisconsin, USA0September 10, 19952481Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Ever Johnson
1834185Norway1190211768Wisconsin, USA
Floyd R. Johnson
June 27, 1912107Wisconsin, USA0January 21, 19546541Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Fred Johnson
April 12, 1871148Illinois, USA0November 9, 19318860Mount Clemens, Macomb, Michigan, USA
Gladys Irene Johnson
October 16, 1910109Wisconsin, USA0July 12, 19962385Rock County, Wisconsin, USA
Hans Johnson
1852167Denmark419249572Springfield, Bon Homme, South Dakota, USA
John Johnson
September 1892127South Dakota, USA0
John Ever Johnson
December 14, 1876142Wisconsin, USA319318854Wisconsin, USA
Joseph Johnson
September 1886133South Dakota, USA0
Merle ( Merlie ) Johnson
July 18, 1893126La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA0November 19546561Waupun, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
Norman E Johnson
1913106019803967Hillsboro, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA
Rose Bertina Johnson
March 23, 1889130Dane, Dane, Wisconsin, USA0January 18, 19695079Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA
Stella Christina Johnson
November 10, 1904115Minnesota, USA0December 30, 19962292San Diego, California, USA
Susanna Eleanor Johnson
January 17, 1895124Bon Homme, South Dakota, USA0
Thomas Johnson
1910109019596049La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA